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Secret Tips To Attracting National Publicity Without Being a Celebrity.

Publicity 911’s Secret Tips to Attracting Major Publicity Without Being a CelebrityFor almost a decade, we have been highly sought-after publicists, writers, marketingand business experts who have garnered local and national publicity for authors,entrepreneurs and celebrities. As the owners of Publicity 911, a successful PR, marketing,writing, and branding company, we have worked with many clients over the years whonever had press before signing with us, but they all had one thing in common: They hadsomething unique that captivated audiences. What about you?

Author and comedian Steve Harvey is a prime example of the importance of captivating audiences. Although he was an actor and famous comedian before achieving the title of best-selling author, he was able to create a new brand as a successful author, and has sold over 2 million copies of his book. This is hugely in part due to his ability to connect with his audience and get their undivided attention by giving them advice that they find valuable in their everyday lives.

Even though you aren’t Steve Harvey, you can obtain celebrity status by making your audience fall in love with you by creating an intriguing story that inspires them and empowers them. A lot of people want national press, but one of the secrets to gaining press if you aren’t a celebrity is to have a compelling or inspirational story. Getting press is not about your product. Many authors and entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing on their product and making instant money, but the real key to getting consistent media coverage is focusing on you core audience’s needs-not selling your product.

1. One of the ways to increase your chances of getting national press is to start thinking like the editor of a national magazine or the producer of a top ten radio show who has millions of readers. If you were the editor or producer, what types of stories would interest you? Focus on some of the hot topics that people are talking about in the magazine/radio show, and how you can tie yourself in, preferably as an expert. Also, think about what you can offer to their guests. Make a list of at least 5 things you can ‘teach’ the audience that can help you stand out from the competition.

2. Study someone who is successful in your field. Google their name and see what media outlets they’ve been in. Once you’ve found them, look at the topics they’ve talked about and create similar ones for yourself. One of the things we highly encourage our clients to have is a professional press kit that includes a compelling pitch letter, captivating bio,interview questions, a fact sheet, SEO press release, and hi-res photos. Once you have obtained your press kit (make sure it is professional), contact the same outlets, send them your electronic press kit, and tell them you’re available for interviews. If you don’t have a press kit, contact us at, to get more information).

3. Speak their language: It is vital to know your audience and what attracts them. Start reading the publications you want to appear in and take notice of their tone, the words they use and the stories attract the most interest. If you want to be a guest on radio, pay close attention to the guests they have on their show and the questions they’re asked. After you’ve studied your audience, what attracts them, send an irresistible pitch letter with unique show ideas that will interest their audience.

4. Contact producers/editors, and let them know that you’re available to be a fill-in if one of their guests cancel. Tell them about your expertise and what their audience will gain by having you on their show/in their publication. Develop at least 5 irresistible show topics or article ideas that will garner their audience’s interest. In a nutshell, in order for you to obtain national press without being a celebrity is all about bringing value to people’s lives. It is also about doing your research, branding yourself as an expert, and being consistent when contacting the media. We advise our clients to follow up at least 5 days after submitting a pitch to see if there is interest.To increase your chance of obtaining national press, developing a positive relationship with the media is vital. Connecting with media professionals whose audiences you want to target and offering your knowledge as an expert will help you attract national exposure consistently. If you can’t afford a Cision or Vocus subscription, which can cost thousands of dollars, contact us to inquire about our low-cost, up-to-date media lists.

Florence Edwards and Charla Mackey are kick-ass publicity, marketing, writing and branding geniuses who have garnered national press for clients that include Ebony Magazine, BET Centric, Kontrol Magazine, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, and many others.

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