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What We Do


Many people believe that becoming a star, or a successful business leader or entrepreneur has to do with luck, hustling, or being better than your competition. This is the hard way to get to the top.  If you’re struggling to become successful, here’s the truth: You must think, act and speak like a success. It all starts and ends with you.  Having the right PR/Marketing and Branding experts is only half of the success equation. The other half is having a healthy mindset that will allow you to get over some of the emotional baggage that has stopped you from living your dreams. The Publicity 911 experts take PR to a different level. We can teach you how to release toxic thoughts, beliefs and heal your self-image so that you can truly feel worthy of lifelong success.


Let’s be real. Becoming a celebrity or a boss is not easy. It is a 24-7 job that requires you to be in the best shape mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually that you can be. At Publicity 911, we know that the secret to achieving real success in your career, business, and personal life is all about having the right mindset, and the right people you can trust. Besides giving you the tools you need to become a star in Hollywood or rock it in your business, we prepare you how to think like a success, so that you can present your best self into the world.

As a spiritually-based PR, Marketing and branding company, we use highly transformative spiritual techniques that will help you cultivate an international presence that will resonate with audiences around the globe. We provide one-on-one guidance on challenges such as time management skills, self-confidence techniques, dealing with rejection as you pursue your goals in Hollywood, and much more. We are your cheerleaders when you don’t have faith in yourself, and we are your accountability partners to make sure you stay on top of your game. We train you how to dominate the media, and also create a happy and fulfilled life without selling your soul, or doing things outside of your character to become successful.

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